Salt Water Taffy (5 pound bag)


Salt Water Taffy has universal appeal and you can choose from a wide variety of flavors.

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Assorted STC5001-ASS, Banana STC5001-BAN, Blueberry STC5001-BLU, Caramel Apple STC5001-CAN, Chocolate Chip Cookie STC5001-CHO, Cinnamon Swirls STC5001-CIN, Cotton Candy STC5001-COT, Frosted Cupcake STC5001-FRO, Grape STC5001-GRP, Licorice Swirls STC5001-LIC, Maple STC5001-MAP, Orange Creme STC5001-ORA, Raspberry STC5001-RAS, Root Beer Float STC5001-ROO, Strawberry Banana STC5001-STR, Vanilla STC5001-VAN, Watermelon STC5001-WAT


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