Claey’s Old Fashioned “Sanded” Candy (6oz flavor-fresh bags)


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For 100 years, people have enjoyed Claey’s candy and we are proud to provide their high quality products to our customers. Thick bags retain their flavor waaaay longer than they will last on the shelf!

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Assorted GIS2023-ASS, Natural Anise GIS2023-ANI, Cherry GIS2023-CHE, Cinnamon GIS2023-CIN, Green Apple GIS2023-GRE, Natural Horehound GIS2023-HOR, Natural Lemon GIS2023-LEM, Licorice GIS2023-LIC, Natural Peppermint GIS2023-PEP, Root Beer GIS2023-ROO, Sassafras GIS2023-SAS, Watermelon GIS2023-WAT


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