Old Fashioned Stick Candy (80 count box)


Popular in general stores across the Old West in the 1800s, these candy sticks are rich in flavor all the way through.

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There wasn’t a general store in the West in the 1800’s worth it’s salt that didn’t offer stick candy. It was a treat that any “youngin” would look forward to as a reward for helping his pa load up the wagon with dry goods and other provisions. We support that American tradition with a wide variety of flavors from good ol’ Sassafras to the more modern Peaches and Cream.

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Stick Candy Flavors

Banana STC5000-BAN, Blackberry STC5000-BLA, Blueberry STC5000-BLU, Bubblegum STC5000-BUB, Butterscotch STC5000-BUT, Cherry STC5000-CHE, Cherry Cola STC5000-CHC, Chocolate STC5000-CHO, Cinnamon STC5000-CIN, Coco Mint STC5000-COC, Cotton Candy STC5000-COT, Grape STC5000-GRA, Green Apple STC5000-GRE, Island Punch STC5000-ISL, Lemon STC5000-LEM, Licorice STC5000-LIC, Lime STC5000-LIM, Orange STC5000-ORA, Passion Fruit STC5000-PAS, Peaches and Cream STC5000-PEA, Peppermint STC5000-PEP, Pina Colada STC5000-PCO, Pineapple STC5000-PIN, Raspberry STC5000-RAS, Root Beer STC5000-ROO, Rum and Butter STC-RUM, Sour Apple STC5000-SAP, Sour Orange STC5000-SOR, Strawberry STC5000-STR, Tutti Frutti STC5000-TUT, Watermelon STC5000-WAT


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