We Are Green!

Environmental Policy

Taste Of the Rockies conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner.  As an iconic business and leader in our industry, we strive daily to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are stewards of the environment and are committed to making informed business decisions to protect our most valuable resource.

We strive for continuous improvement in the area of reducing carbon footprint of our business activities:

  • Local deliveries are made with clean energy electric vehicle (20% of energy from wind)
  • Efficiency in shipments and deliveries
  • Reduce, recycle, reuse all materials when possible
  • Incorporate energy efficiency practices and measures at our business facility
  • Utilize technology whenever possible as alternative to business travel and printed marketing materials.
  • Staff education of the environmental impacts of their work activities and encourage them through regular awareness and training to minimize those impacts.
  • Pursue a program of continuous improvement by actively searching for better options and efficiencies.
  • Working with suppliers to advocate for reduced packaging and to ship using materials that can be more easily reused.  
  • Minimal waste policy includes efficient inventory planning to reduce waste, and food donations prior to expiration dates.

 Packaging Policy

Taste Of The Rockies has a minimal packaging policy, while still complying with safety laws and regulations in the food industry.

  • Re-use of packing inbound material.
  • Use of efficient size packaging and limiting waste
  • 100% of packing material must be recyclable, reusable, made of recycled material, or compostable.
  • Active participation in testing of compostable bags
    • Innovative, compostable bags are made from high quality Polylactic Acid derived from corn.
      PLA is a plant-based product and performs differently than traditional poly bags. PLA material has great benefits associated with its compostability.

Product Policy

  • 100% of our candy and mixes are made in the USA.
  • All chocolates use natural milk or dark chocolate and all-natural colorants.
  • FDA Certified Facility & All Suppliers must be FDA Certified.